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Thursday, August 25, 2005

16:40 - Santo Nino & Saints in the house

The Santo Nino Photo at Ed's photoblog My Everyday Manila reminded me of my nephew's penchant for Santo Ninos,Angels and Saints a few years before.


As you can well see my other nephew "improved" , with a crayon or pen, the portrait of my Grandparents, Father, Aunt and Uncle. Portraits like this used to be a cottage industry of sorts. I used to see a lot of those in Filipino houses as well.


Blogger Sidney said...

Your nephew is a talented artist !

I hope they don't remove your wisdom with your tooth ! :-)
Good luck !

I love this Santo collection !  

Blogger juned said...

Sidney, Thanks. The extraction went suprisingly well, although I still have to go through it two more times. :)  

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