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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

16:12 - The Rizal Light & Sound Show

Rizal PArk

Taken when we visited Rizal Park's light and sound show. Unfortunately, it is not well maintained...correction not maintained at all. In the photos are my companions in most of my ramblings, my nephews.


My eldest nephew, Thirdee. The picture was taken at Greenbelt we were waiting for the pizza. He had just had his haircut most of the people at the house do not like his hair done like that but whenever he goes to the barber with me he always has this cut. Intelligent and a quick talker, Thirdee can be a challenge to most adults.


At present, my youngest nephew - Hansie. Probably the huskiest of the two. He likes to eat a lot and that goes without saying. He also likes watch cartoons of Dora, Tom & Jerry and Futurama. Each saturday he knocks on my door and asks if he can watch his cartoons. The boy's appetite is only surpassed by his sweet disposition.


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