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Thursday, March 31, 2005

06:40 - Greenbelt, Makati

Greenbelt, Makati
Posted by: juned.
One of the gardens surrounding the Greenbelt Church. This used to be part of an aviary during the 1970s. The whole central financial district is owned by one family, the Zobel de Ayalas.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

05:22 - Good Wed: MRT

Good Wed: MRT
Posted by: juned.
The only sane way to travel along EDSA. PreWar Philippines had electric-powered tranvias but most were sent to Japan by the Japanese Imperial Army and the rest were destroyed during the Liberation of Manila. Metro Manila now has three train systems: the Old Marcos LRT, the Ramos-Estrada MRT, and the new Purple line from Santolan to Recto.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

07:13 - Lapu-Lapu

Posted by: juned.
Lapu-Lapu. Filipino hero: was victorious over Ferdinand Magellan during the battle of Mactan in 1521. During the course of the battle Magellan was killed and his fleet retreated to continue its journey to Spain. Sebastian Del Cano took became leader of the expedition. The monument itself is now gone a victim of politics.

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06:40 - Santa Ana Church

Santa Ana Church
Posted by: juned.
Santa Ana Church, nearly all towns in the Philippines has at its nucleus the church building. The Spanish Colonial period, which lasted for three hundred years, was also called "Bajo dela Campanas" meaning under the church bells.

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