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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

13:32 - Fire at Punta, Santa Ana, Pandacan, Manila

From our office you can see a great part of Metropolitan Manila. The view is great during Sunrise and Sunset. Some of my colleagues tell me the view is also spectacular during New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, today the view was tragic. A neighborhood had been burning for some time. Two of our co-workers lived in the area - one lost a house another almost lost their house. The fire is still raging. It is said the Fire fighters cannot enter the neighborhood because the roads are too narrow.

The place is Punta, Santa Ana, Pandacan, Manila.

Here are the snapshots of the fire that consumed as of now fifty houses.

Fire at Punta, Santa Ana,Pandacan 1

Fire at Punta, Santa Ana,Pandacan 2

Fire at Punta, Santa Ana,Pandacan 3

Fire at Punta, Santa Ana,Pandacan 4

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